Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Google Reader Housekeeping

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all things Internet-related, and perhaps all things period, I just undertook a major clean-up of my Google Reader.

I was trying to limit myself to 50 subscriptions, but was slipping up toward 60. Is that a lot? Not really?

I just know that I was feeling discouraged when I opened, with some dread, the Reader over the weekend (because I never managed to keep up during the week, which is supposed to be the idea, right?) and was finding upwards of 150 unread posts.

So, to get an idea of reasonable dimensions, I asked a very Internet-oriented friend of mine how many feeds he had: around 30.

Definitely time to sweep up.


spacedlaw said...

Too many. How can you read all that?

Betty C. said...

Well, I cut things down to 28 feeds -- about half. That should be manageable.

Of course, not everyone posts every day. And then some blogs, like yours, don't have much or any text. So A Title? didn't get scratched, lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. Now you've just shown everyone how lazy I am! LOL!

To make matters worse, I also just added a new folder to my Google Reader called "cold-storage," and I moved about half a dozen feeds into it. Don't worry. None of your blogs are in there.

Betty C. said...

Steve, I used you as a reference, a type of benchmark in the Web 2.0 world! Don't you recognize a compliment when you see one?

b said...

It can be overwhelming, trying to get through all those feeds and visit other blogs. I've had a few meltdowns where I just feel overwhelmed and that shouldn't be the point of blogging, right? :)