Saturday, September 20, 2008

It'll be just like starting over

I just marked 270 blog posts "as read" on Google Reader.

I must use it every day. I must. I must. Repeat 100 times.

How I plan to accomplish this:

1. Get home from work. Ignore breakfast dishes left out in the kitchen, accumulated mess strewn about the living room table, professional blog post to be written, the possibility of making yet another $25.00 donation to Barack's campaign, and the overwhelming desire to scour MySpace and Facebook for traces of what my youngest daughter is up to.

2. Get out of my faux-pro work outfit and toss on something scruffy and scroungy that reminds my husband that I am, after all, an American.

3. Get a glass of wine alone (!!) and before dinner (!!!), which reminds my husband...etc.

4. Get onto my Google Reader.

Does that sound like a plan?


Randal Graves said...

For the longest time I didn't use reader, now I do, and when I don't use the computer for a day or so, that sucker is always flooded. Then you feel guilty for not having checked everything out. It's an evil invention. ;-)

Betty C. said...

randal, I actually think it's a great invention. I used to just check blogs on my sidebars but I had way to many. G.R. allows me to keep up with a select group (of which you are part, despite my lack of comments these days) of my best blogging buddies. But it has only really worked for me when I have kept up with it DAILY!

Otherwise, I agree with you -- it's a great guilt-inducer.

Anonymous said...

That was certainly entertaining!

Tinsie said...

Hehe it's what I do ;-)