Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to School Resolutions

Some people make New Year's resolutions; I make back to school resolutions.

Sure, it may be a little early to write about going back to school. After all, I have well over three weeks left in my decidedly generous summer vacation.

Yet, as August advances, I can't help but think about getting back into the classroom and back onto a routine...a better one than last year, of course.

I will streamline my lesson plans, all the while trying out new methods and activities.

I will better organize my grocery shopping in order to cook simple and delicious meals on weeknight evenings.

I will use my long ( I do teach in France, don't forget) lunch break to good avail.

And so forth!


Katie Zeller said...

As my sone would say "And good luck with that..."

Misty said...

Yes, good luck with that!!

And, I am making those resolutions, too. School starts here in Utah on August 21st.

My goals would be:
A. I WILL enforce bedtime.
B. We will do home work earlier than later.
C. I will set out clothes and breakfast the night before.