Friday, November 02, 2007

Temperature change: a burning issue?

First, I'm going to play Miss Smarty-pants and point out that I speak both Celsius and Fahrenheit, although I'm not absolutely sure I'm spelling them right.

Maybe they have a point...which, by the way, would be a comma if a malevolent world government forced everybody to read temperatures in French.

This could be a slippery slope situation. First Celsius, then kilometers, then kilometres...where would it end?

Holding our silverware European-style, being required to learn a foreign language, having a decent health care system?

Some changes just scream out "danger."

(Photo extracted from a site that looked like it was called Physical Science , and as such was definitely not going to be bookmarked by this blogger!

But it turns out that "Physical Science" is part of, a pretty spiffy-looking site for teachers. Just what I need! Another bookmark!)


Anonymous said...

The uproar in Texas made me both laugh and cringe at the same time.

When I was in 4th grade back in the 70s, we learned the metric system because "the United States was going to adopt it." We all know how that little project went. But the knowledge helped when I moved to France.

In another note, we got a new Honda Civic a couple of months ago, and you can push a button to change the speedometer from mph to kmh. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the horror! Those illegals need to keep their ideas on their side of the Atlantic.

It is hearing things like this that let me know that I live in one of the most backwards superpowers in existence.

What a shame.

Oh well, I see that you are from Olympia, my brother and his wife used to live in Olympia when they were going to Evergreen.

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