Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can't I have just a little more time?

This was one of my Christmas presents. And a very nice one at that.

Yet, there's nothing like one of these "definitive" volumes to make me realize what a pathetic excuse for a cultivated person I am.

I don't even want to talk about the 1001 Books edition, which I gave my husband for his birthday so he could see what a pathetic excuse...etc.

At least that volume took a more positive tack to its title translation: the French version is entitled "1001 Books You Must Read in your Lifetime." But the translation of the film volume title take on the morbidity of the original: 1001 MOVIES to see before you die.

The hour is grave. Fortunately I got one of the movies from the book as a Christmas present.

I've got to start somewhere! The alternative is too terrifying to even think about...


B said...

Yes, I much prefer the "must read in your lifetime" versus the "before you die." Morbid, indeed! I must look into the books edition, as I'm curious what they list. Haha. You are not pathetic by any means. It is so subjective... coming up with a list of must read/see that applies to all human beings.

With that said, I really did enjoy The Queen. I thought it was well done. So, that was one of the 1001 movies to see? Wow, suddenly I am overcome by the number 1001. That is a lot of movies!! Hope we live long! :)

Tinsie said...

"Before you die" sounds way too morbid to me too. I much prefer to think of my life-time, rather than my "time before death" IYSWIM.

Oh well, I bet I've got about 950 films to watch and probably as many books, if not more.

At least I've already seen The Queen ;-)

TJ said...

these look so cool! i wonder if they have them in english. i haven't seen them before....

Betty Carlson said...

Terina, they are translated from English. In fact one of the translators for the English to French "Books" version is a friend of mine! Just look up "1001 Books..." or "1001 Movies..." and you will find them no problem.