Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where do we go from here?

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A friend of mine sent me this comic from a fun-looking "Webcomic" site, xkcd, whose artist is kind enough to share his creations through a Creative Commons License.

It so reflects how I am feeling right now.

What can I do with all the Internet time I spent obsessively reading fivethirtyeight, pollster, and The Huffington Post, just to name a few?

All suggestions are welcome!


Randal Graves said...

Crocheting? Scrimshaw? Painting? Soap box racing? Tiddlywinks? Paper airplanes? Yachting? Skydiving? Mail-order prestidigitation kit?

Anonymous said...

well start catching Faux (Fox) News on-line. The Rovian gang will keep on whining and we will see how bad losers can behave. In a couple of yrs, we will witness the run for the GOP candidate for 2012. We may get some entertainment if the ultra right wing Rep and evangelicals choose to go after Sarah Barracuda :-)

Betty; if a duplicate please erase Thxs

Betty Carlson said...

Randal, I'm a mean tiddly-wink player. But I somehow don't think that will give meaning to my life again.

the beaver, watching the Republican party implode could turn into a pastime. I predicted the day that McCain chose Palin that she would be his undoing. I was right. I now predict that Palin will be a candidate in 2012 (duh...) but under a new, third party. I just don't think the Republican center can cohabitate anymore with its rabid former "base."

Anonymous said...

How about keep on blogging? '.. helps keep us you..' you know :-)

Btw: Thanks for the Birthday Greetings - very nice of you.

Unknown said...

Funny you should mention this, Betty.

In 1992, my husband and I were both depressed after Election Day. And as the administration wore on we became disappointed too, but that is another story.

This time, we are not let down because as my husband put it, "It's going to be too interesting."

Now is when the really hard work begins. I'm gonna stick around and watch it. And cheer for the new president, who seems to be pretty darned amazing: Smart, articulate, loves his family, upbeat...

Betty Carlson said...

I agree Mimi -- this feels very different from 1992. I read someone who called Obama at least as brilliant as Clinton, but without all of the character flaws. I am really enthused to see how things unfold.

Unknown said...

Clinton surely had his share of character flaws. I haven't seen any in Obama yet. I sure hope he is what he appears to be because I want him to succeed more than I have ever wanted anyone to succeed and that transcends party lines, trust me!

I am still encountering people who fail to understand what his victory means.