Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here's the music list already!

I have to face the facts: my post A Journey Through American Music did not drum up the comments and general enthusiasm I was hoping for. Now I mustn't forget that And So Forth is quite a new blog, and also it's "just for fun" -- that's what I said at the beginning, anyway!

So for anyone who is out there, here is my highly subjective yet somewhat informed list of the most influential American music artists from the 50s to the present. And who knows -- maybe you'll comment when you see it and start saying "That's totally wrong! What does she know about music?"

The 50s-60s: Johnny Cash

The 60s-70s: Bob Dylan

The 70s-80s: Talking Heads

The 80s-90s: R.E.M.

The 90s-present: Moby

The links are to official or non-official sites, all of which are an interesting journey in and of themselves.


wheresmymind said...

Always tough when there is carry over into another decade...I don't really think of Dylan being a '70s type of guy *shrug* I also think U2 ruled the 80s-90s!! lol

Betty C. said...

Bob Dylan actually released more albums in the 70s than the 60s, and even if the early 70s were a low point,"Blood on the Tracks" is one of his masterpieces. To me, that album IS 1975...

OK on U2 but remember the list was of American musicians!

Thanks for the comment!