Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pink Departments and Blue Departments

When it comes to election time, the USA has red states and blue states; France has pink departments and blue departments.

In France's election this year, it is amazing to see the clear-cut geographical boundaries between the departments that voted for Ségolène Royal (pink) and those which went for Nicolas Sarkozy (blue.)

I can't vouch for the total accuracy of the map though, because it shows the Aveyron (third up from the bottom center) department as voting for Ségolène Royal, but the official site of the Ministry of the Interior shows the opposite. I assume the latter site is correct!

By the way, the choice of pink is not related to Ségolène's being a woman --pink is simply is the traditional color of the French Socialist party.

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wheresmymind said...

Pink is the color of the socialist party, eh? I'll sit back and smirk from across the pond ;)