Monday, May 28, 2007

Sidebar Switches; Sunday Scribblings

And So Forth is evolving, and I have made some changes in my sidebar. So if you used to be on this sidebar and you're not anymore, don't despair! I've just moved you to one of my other blogs, which is probably a good thing for all concerned as they have much bigger readerships!

France Fanatics have been moved to La France Profonde.

Favorite Foodies and Wine Links have been moved to Cuisine Quotidienne.

And So Forth started out as my "just for fun" blog, and I am trying to keep it diverse and light-hearted -- the latter does not apply to any posts about George W. Bush, though.

I have found an anchor for ASF through my participation in Sunday Scribblings, a site that gives weekly writing prompts and posts bloggers' takes on them.

Usually I post my Sunday Scribblings on And So Forth, but this week my post was food-oriented, so you can find it here on CQ.

(Cartoon by Dave Walker courtesy of We Blog Cartoons.)


katiez said...

I keep looking....sigh....
I'm not certain how I would classify posts about 'dubya'. I'd probably be arrested if I put it in print...

Betty C. said...

Poor Katie! You are absolutely one of my favorite foodies and have a great French food blog in English. But with two layout changes over the past few months, you got lost. I'm going to put your link up on CQ immediately!