Saturday, October 04, 2008

My last class was a bomb, but my reward's in heaven

Sure, there are days when I feel like a suicide bomber, plowing into a class of tired students with my arsenal of pair work, debates, vocabulary sheets, and fun facts to know and tell about the present perfect.

But is my reward in heaven?

Doggone it, Sarah, I thought you couldn't make me feel any sicker than I already am. But there you go again.

And did it cross your fact-crammed brain that references to "can I call you Joe" + wife + heaven might be a little on the tacky side?

Okay, I'll give you a break there. I don't think you did it on purpose. It's hard to keep everything straight with all those Supreme Court decisions on your mind...


Randal Graves said...

Hey, she's read all the Supreme Court decisions.

She really is more vile the more you find out about her. Add in the facts that we already know about McCain, well, it's kind of an easy choice.

Betty C. said...

So why don't you speak out more for Obama on your blog, you apolitical, equal opportunity purveyor of criticism?

The hour is dire. In all due respect, I suggest you save all your Barack/Biden satire until November 5th. Then you'll have four whole years to use it!

Papadesdeux said...

Betty, since I know you have all this extra reading time on your hands... I thought you might enjoy this piece by Conason at

Betty C. said...

Papa, I did read it in bed last night with my new baby laptop! Thanks for the link -- also I had sort of forgotten about

The Beaver said...


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