Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings 6

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  1. Destined : to fail

  2. FAIL : too weird

  3. Camping : campground

  4. Only you : can make my life complete

  5. Incessant : mutterings

  6. Tomorrow : is another day

  7. Impressive : resumé

  8. Riches : wealth

  9. Dislike : hate

  10. Speaker : phone
Looking over these mutterings, it's interesting for me to see how the English (as a second language) teacher in me comes out. On 8 and 9, I just spit out synonyms, much as I do in class.

Number 3 was not so much a synonym, but a recurrent correction: the French word for campground is le camping, so students often, and rather logically, think that that must be the English word. So I'm often correcting that error. I can hear myself:

No, in English we go camping (to go camping gets written on the board) but the place we go to is called a campground (go to a campground flies up on the board as I speak...)


Elisabeth said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Hoping that 2009 brings you its absolute finest!

Betty C. said...

Thank you Elisabeth! If I can get our New Year's Eve preparations done, I'll be trying to do the same -- if not, it will wait until tomorrow.

I'm glad we've made our bloggy contact.

Tinsie said...

Greek students make the same mistake, as the Greek word for campsite is κάμπινγκ, which is in fact the word camping written with Greek letters.

Betty C. said...

Interesting, Tinsie. It would be interesting to hear someday about your experiences learning English -- I'm assuming it's your second language? Or are you totally bilingual?

Le laquet said...

Ah but ... I think campground is American English - here we'd say campsite / camping site. 1 little language separated by that itty-bitty ocean!