Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Than Coincidence?

I've noticed that bloggers like to count posts and celebrate blog birthdays. I like to look for resemblances between my blogs and others. I'm always interested in blogs which have the same template, or the same theme -- and today I ran into a big coincidence!

Jann of Traveling Food Lady , with whom I have had only a few blog contacts, started a new blog on the very same day I started this new blog...and we not only have the same Blogger template, but she is planning on writing about French food, which is the subject of one of my "established" blogs, Cuisine Quotidienne ...

More than coincidence? At any rate, I'll be anxiously following The-French-Link!


Pam said...

Seems like more than a coincidence to me! I think this makes you Blog Sisters, or something like that!


Jann said...

Maybe the stars were just lined up the right way-or maybe a coincidence! Great minds think alike,too! I like the idea of Pam's-blog sister.........I am honored!