Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogger, Mozilla and Internet Explorer

I downloaded Mozilla Firefox a month or two back, and have been able to make a few observations about how it interacts with Blogger compared to IE. This may not be the same for you, but the realizations I have made have helped me work out a few problems.

1. When I post using Mozilla, Blogger will not display the "comments" function

Once I got Mozilla, I started using it with Blogger because I liked the navigation tabs, which helped me to avoid shutting Blogger down accidentally and losing whole posts or parts of posts that I hadn't saved as drafts yet. (Sound familiar to anyone?)

However, around the same time, I realized that some of my posts were not coming up with comments enabled. This was most annoying and I had never had that problem before, but didn't immediately make the Mozilla connection. Out of habit, I was still doing some posts on IE, so it was not a constant problem.

The other day though, I posted using Mozilla, saw that the comments weren't enabled, and immediately reposted using IE. Presto, change-o: the comment function was there.

2. With Mozilla, I can cut and paste my photos on Blogger.

Posting multiple photos was very complicated for me with Blogger and IE because the cut and paste function would not work, and also photos were always automatically loaded to the top of the page (this may still be the case.) So I had to pre-plan the order of my photos, load them in the correct sequence, and write my text around them.

With Mozilla, I can move my photos around and cut and paste them -- a big time-saver for me.

3. In conclusion:

I now write my posts on Mozilla for the tabs and photo possibilities, save them as drafts, then do the final post on IE!

Kind of complicated, but I hope this information might be useful to someone. Mimi, for example, has mentioned to me that she was having some comment enabling problems with Blogger. Maybe I've found the solution!


wcs said...

Betty, I started using Firefox long before I started blogging, so all my posts since 2005 are done through the Firefox browser.

I don't know why you have a problem with the comment function - It's probably not Firefox, though. Unless it's some preference setting that you're unaware of.

You're right about photos - they always load at the top and you need to cut and paste. I just write my text first, then load photos and put 'em where I want 'em.

Betty Carlson said...

I'm not ragging on Firefox (I know how staunch its defenders are) but this is just what's happening to me for some unknown reason.

As for the photos, I think you were the one who first told me I could cut and paste photos on Blogger, but it never, ever, worked for me with IE, whether I used the regular controls or the keyboard shortcuts. Strange.

Unknown said...

Well, that explains a lot, Betty.

I have been doing everything in Firefox lately, and that might have something to do with my problems.

wcs said...

That is strange ; maybe it's just an IE thing. You could try going onto a blogger forum to see if anyone else has the comment problem you're having. They might have a solution for you.

Good luck !

Pacian said...

That's peculiar. You should be able to turn comments on for a post by clicking on 'post options' beneath the post text window thingy.

wheresmymind said...

I'm a huge firefox much better than IE...a lot 'lighter' in loading stuff :)

Betty Carlson said...

I can see the Firefox brigade is out in full force to help me with this problem! I'll have to check out Pacian's suggestion -- if I can figure out exactly what the "post text window thingy" is.

It's just strange because I never had that problem before. My Blogger settings obviously enable comments to be posted...