Thursday, January 01, 2009

101 things to do in 1001 days

The project

(Who said things have to be in order?) Finish my
101 things to do in 1001 days project list 1/1


1. Watch De-Lovely 0/1
2. Watch There Will Be Blood 0/1
Watch Shine a Light 0/1
Watch I'm Not There 1/1
Watch Across the Universe 0/1
Watch Absolute Beginners 0/1
7. Watch The Darjeeling Limited 0/1
8. Watch The Painted Veil 0/1
9. Watch one movie a week. 10/143
10. Go to the cinema on average once a month. 0/32
11. Watch some other movie to be announced because I just realized I had a double entry on this list. Okay, Milk. 0/1

Watch all of the Woody Allen movies I haven't yet seen

12. Whatever Works
13. Vicky Christina Barcelona
14. Cassandra's Dream
15. Scoop
16. Match Point
17. Anything Else
18. Hollywood Ending
19. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
20. Count Mercury Goes to the Suburbs
21. Shadows and Fog
22. Crimes and Misdemeanors
23. New York Stories
24. Another Woman


25. Listen to some NPR music programs (
Maybe with my new Samsung MP3.)
26. Kontinue to purchase Kinks CDs to the extent my budget can handle it. Try to komplete my kollektion. 3/28 (


27. De-clutter one space a week, no matter how small 6/143
28. Do one load of laundry during the workweek to avoid weekend pile-up 7/143
29. Deal with all accumulated postal mail at least once a week 7/143
30. File away papers from orange folder 0/1
31. Put away laundry every weekend 7/143
32. Frame family photo 1 0/1
33. Frame family photo 2 0/1


34. Bring more technology into my classes. For the rest of academic year 2008, think in terms of at least 3 new activities per month. 8/18
35. Plan and propose a "How to learn language" module for incoming students next school year. 0/1
(The proposal part is done.)
36. Get my new Edublog totally operational for September 2009. 0/1
37. Start vocabulary lists for my classes on Listography (
started...but going nowhere)


38. Read at least parts of all of the Aveyron-related books I own
39. Read French Toast
40. Read Chagrin d'Ecole 0/1
41. Read Five Quarters of Orange 0/1
42. Read A Thousand Splendid Suns 0/1
43. Read Fast food : roadside restaurants in the automobile age 0/1
44. Finish reading X-Ray: The Unauthorized Biography 1/1
45. Increase my non-fiction reading, since that is what I'm interested in writing myself. Save novels for the summer, at least in 2009. 0/1
46. Read Please Please Me 1/1

47. Read five books I've never read from The Modern Library 100 Best Lists 0/5
48. Finish reading Blended Learning 1/1

Personal contacts

49. Have friends over for dinner on average once a month 1/32
50. Send a letter or card to someone in the USA once a month 1/32
51. Send at least an e-card for all appropriate birthdays
52. Send paper cards for all family birthdays.


53. Unsubscribe to all little-read newsletters and alerts by the end of January 08 1/1 (And I don't miss them!)
54. Clear out inbox backlog on my many email accounts by the end of March 08 0/1

55. Take some photo walks and photo outings -- New activity; count
56. Maintain posting pace for La France Profonde 12/143
57. Maintain once-a-week posting for Cuisine Quotidienne
4/143 (sadly, as of late February, I put this blog on vacation. There are so many other things to do on this list!)
58. Reduce banal commenting on other blogs -- OK, I'm commenting less but I'm also following blogs less...this is a double-edged
59. Write more about music on this blog
60. Limit comment subscriptions to threads I really want to follow -- done, but see 58

Professional Writing

Get my editorial calendar set up for my professional blogs every Sunday 9/143
62. Get a second professional writing gig of some sort by September 09 1/1

General online and computer life

63. Reduce my Google Reader subscriptions and go back to following sidebar blogs 1/1
64. Use Facebook on weekends only, other than to check up on family
1/1 for the most part
65. Learn how to organize my Facebook contacts and organize them
66. Reorganize my digital photos 0/49 (folders)


67. Make an average of one homemade dessert a week for my dessert-deprived family, or buy from a local pastry-maker 6/143
68. Learn to make good pizza from scratch 0/1
69. Do a slow cooker meal once a month 1/32
70. Use bread machine on the average once a month, including some new recipes 4/32
71. Keep up my kitchen notebook 5/143

Travel and Tourism

72. Go back to California and visit my old university and meet up with a few old friends 0/1
73. Go to at least one European country other than Great Britain 0/1
74. Go to the Lodève art museum at least once a year 0/3
75.Visit Marseille 0/1
76. Go to Paris at least once other than for work 0/1
77. Visit Montauban 0/1
78. Visit Cahors 0/1
79. Visit Clermont-Ferrand 0/1
80.Go (back) to London 0/1
81.Go (back) to London again 0/1

General Learning

82. Learn more about painting -- General Progress
83. Learn more about London -- General Progress
84. Learn more about the U.K. overall -- General Progress
85. Learn more about Sweden -- General Progress
Learn more about French regional cooking -- General Progress
87. Consolidate my knowledge about wine -- General Progress
88. Learn more about the Aveyron and its recent history -- General Progress
89. Learn more about the history of pop and rock music -- General Progress
90. Learn more about photography -- General Progress


91. Try fifteen new (to me) restaurants 3/15
92. Go away for a weekend by myself or with a girlfriend 1/1
93. Go to two operas 0/2
94. Go to St. Geniez d'Olt, for God's sake! 0/1
95. Go to a major rock-type concert with my daughters 0/1


96. Continue my timid efforts to relearn my basic German -- General Progress


97. Join the local media library again and use it 1/1
98. Keep up on the Obama administration and stay involved from a distance
99. Join one new club or group 0/1
100. Get to the Wednesday morning or Friday evening market at least once a month 0/32


tut-tut said...

I'm Not There was amazing; as was Milk.

Happy New Year, Betty C.!

Betty Carlson said...

I just ordered I'm Not There, so should be watching it soon.

Randal Graves said...

If you complete this, well, there should be one of those Presidential Medals of Freedom.

Betty Carlson said...

Randal, it's a deal, you can get one cast for me!

Actually the goals are fairly reasonable. Remember it's two years and nine months -- that's a lot of time. I've checked out some people with really far-reaching goals like: read 101 books this year.

The thing that made me sick is that that person surpassed the objective...

Elisabeth said...

Great project, Betty, and I may try it as well except that I don't think that I have any time to concoct that list quite yet.

My boyfriend and I rented I'm Not There while I was visiting him. He is a very solid Dylan fan (knows Dylan's entire discography and the lyrics to most of his songs), and could not bear continuing to watch this movie after about 20 minutes. He was highly irritated by it. I did not feel one way or the other - not after just 20 minutes. I may rent it and try to watch it on my own.

I was told (by my brother, among others) that There Will Be Blood was awful. My brother also adored Shine a Light, which I have at home and will view this week. I actually have not seen any of the movies you mention (except for the 20 minutes of I'm Not There.)

Betty Carlson said...

Elisabeth, it is time-consuming, as I said I am giving myself all month to just write the list! But I like the concept -- so much better than the vague "New Year's Resolutions." And so bloggy-geeky too.

Well, I'm quite a big Dylan fan myself so it will be interesting to see my reaction to the movie.

My parents absolutely adored "There Will Be Blood" -- they thought it was one of the best movies ever made, and they're pretty cinema-savvy. Once again, it will be interesting to see my reaction!

Betty Carlson said...

And hey Elisabeth, while you're at it why don't you suggest a few books for me to read, or films to see, or teaching activities to try, because I'm drawing a blank as far as getting to 101!

wineandroasts said...

We must be somehow related - I swear to you that half the items on your list are on MY mental list! The other half I've read/watched/listened to/cleaned/eaten already. :o)

Pleased to meetcha!

Elisabeth said...

Betty - I'll think about it. Let me know what kind of stuff you teach (I have a sense that you teach English to business students, but I'd like to know what you do exactly to suggest activities.) You can e-mail me directly at

Anonymous said...

That's a great list you have there, good luck with it.

Thanks for your comment on my list, "Moving to Australia" should more accurately be "Move back to Australia" as I am an ex pat at the moment with a British husband and mixed daughter :)