Sunday, January 18, 2009

(AP photo by Charles Darapak, found in a slideshow on the home page of today's Huffington Post)

My Bush countdown widget seems a little off to me -- as I write this at 6:20 am EST on Sunday the 18th, don't we still have more than two days to go? Maybe the clock just counts down to Inauguration Day itself.

WHATEVER! I've been feeling bitter the past weeks about how Bush and his historically horrible cronies are getting off the hook so easily.

But I'm going to focus on the positive for the next few days -- we may never pass this way again.


Anonymous said...

That is quite interesting, as I have been feeling the opposite. Not feeling that Bush (and company) were justified in their actions, but feeling ready to let go of some of this anger and focus on the monumental choice we have made this time around.

Had McCain won, I think it would be harder for my optimism to thrive.

Betty Carlson said...

Well, as I said, I'm trying to be more positive. I felt so up after the election, but it was hard not to move on to Obama's presidency immediately. It gave me too much time to reflect upon all we have gone through the past eight years...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about having so much time to reflect. It seems that this is the longest "lame duck" period we have gone through.

I think the only time I have felt truly angered and disgusted since the election was hearing the speech about their "rapid response to Katrina". That was utterly baffling to me.

So, if given the choice, what course of action would you propose against the Bush admin?

Betty Carlson said...

Well, I was all for impeachment, but it's a little late now.

A trial for war crimes?

Anonymous said...

That was my whole thing with focusing on the incoming administration. I was all for the impeachment, but it would be useless at this point in all ways except restoring our public image...which has already been cleaned up quite a bit with our electing President Obama.

Trying him/them for war crimes, while justifiable in my opinion, is seen as a waste of resources to most people I speak to. The general consensus is that people don't want to waste another minute of their time or dollar of their taxes on Bush or his admin.

tut-tut said...

Ware crimes indeed. They should open try all those who allowed waterboarding and other such torture techniques. I think what the country and the world has endured for the past 8 years must be investigated, and those perpetrators must be made to face the consequences.

BUT I am also thoroughly looking forward to Tuesday and all its forward and hopeful implications.

spacedlaw said...

Word of the Day:

/moʊˈmɛntəs/ [moh-men-tuhs]

of great or far-reaching importance or consequence: a momentous day.

Happy momentous day.

Daniel Spiro said...

Pity the new Administration in one regard -- it will have to be the one to dole out incredible sums of money to scoundrels like the jerks on Wall Street. How unfortunate it is that Obama is taking the reigns under these circumstances. The Republicans aren't the only ones who are nauseated by the prospect of seemingly unlimited bailouts and handouts.

Anyway, at least nobody is blaming Obama for this mess.